Ippon seoi nage

Ippon seoi nage
Vladimir Putin shows Ippon seoi nage.
Vladimir Putin shows Ippon seoi nage.
Sub classificationTe-waza
Technique name
RōmajiIppon seoi nage
EnglishOne arm shoulder throw

The ippon seoi nage (一本背負投) is a throw in judo.[1] It is a variant of Seoi nage, and is one of the nineteen accepted techniques in Shinmeisho No Waza of Kodokan Judo. It is classified as a hand throwing technique, or te-waza.[2]

Professional wrestling

The move is similar to the over-the-shoulder arm drag from professional wrestling, where it or variants of it may also be called a judo hip throw or toss.[citation needed]

Similar techniques, variants, and aliases


  • Hidari Kata Seoi
Illustration of Hidari-kata-seoi Judo throw
Demonstration of a hidari-kata-seoi judo throw.
  • Seoi gari
  • Gyaku ippon seoi nage


  • Kata Seoi
  • Full shoulder throw
  • Diagonal throw
  • Japanese Whizzer
  • Armspin

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