The use of Hikite

To achieve the full power of a punch, it is essential that both arms cooperate, that is usually what you will hear in the Dojo. One arm (fist) is thrown out, while the other arm is pulled into the side of the body (Hikite). Both arms perform the same movement, understood in the sense that, if the right arm comes out in a straight line, then the left must be retracted in a straight line. If the movement is circular to the right then it is also circular to the left.

But !!!! You will often hear that Hikite is for generating a powerful punch only. However, this is not quite right. Hikite is much more than just a hand-pulled back to the side of the body for generating a powerful punch.

Funakoshi Gyaku-zuki
Funakoshi Gyaku-zuki

If somebody attacks you, it will be normal to take up your arms to protect yourself; it is a question of reflex.
I think that Hikite function already starts here. Hikite first task is to block (reflex). If possible, you will grab the opponent’s arm (or something else) and pull back, that is the use of Hikite. The opposite arm (fist) is offensive and attacks.

Hikite is not just for block and grab. It also acts as a control arm where you try to control the opponent’s arm and movements.

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