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Gert Corfitzen Jürgensen
Gert Corfitzen Jürgensen

My name is Gert Corfitzen Jürgensen, and this is my personal blog about Karate.

I made this blog out of interest in the research and study of old-school Karate and Kobudo, including the history, origins, evolution, and tactical application theories.

I started my Karate career back in August 1981 at the age of 17. Although I am best known for Karate, I also trained Wing Tsun, Kickboxing, Judo, Kenpo, Tai Chi among others. However, the main focus has always been on Karate.

My interpretation of Karate focuses on the practical application of Karate as self-defense, Jissen Karate Jutsu.

This blog is for everyone who focuses on Kumite techniques, as well as Kata Bunkai: thoughts, ideas, references, analysis, and drills.

Please join my Karate journey.

“It’s not a style, it’s open-minded Okinawan Karate. It’s old-style MMA”
Gert Corfitzen Jürgensen